June 7, 2023

Hot! Great Careers You Can Do from Home


More people than ever are choosing to work flexibly from home, either as a freelancer, running their own business, or working for a company, but based out of their own home. This offers many the chance to set their own hours, spend more time with their families, and reduce work stress. Here are just some of the jobs you could do from home.


Real estate, used to be very much a man’s world. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. As more women began returning to work, real estate jobs offered them a fantastic opportunity to manage their own time. As realtors, women are often able to base their office at home, and schedule appointments around their family’s needs. However, it is important to be prepared for some evening and weekend work.


Once qualified as an accountant, and well informed on things like progressive and regressive tax rates, it’s quite easy to find work as a freelancer, or set up your own business. Many small companies, or other freelancers, require help with their accounts at some point, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a large company. You need to be good with numbers and have a good grasp on the latest online calcs and tax tools. Some states may require schooling.

Financial Planner

Like accounting, financial planning is an essential thing for businesses, but it’s something that a lot of people struggle with, or just can’t find the time to do. Assisting small businesses with their financial planning and forecasting can be a very exciting career path with lots of variation and the chance to work with a huge range of different businesses.


All you need to make it as a writer is talent and a computer. You could make money writing via a blog, using techniques like affiliate marketing or sponsored posts. You could even use your blog to start selling your own eBooks. Freelance writers are always in high demand, writing things including web content, reviews and adverts. If you think there is a novel in you, consider self-publishing from Amazon to get started, and see where it takes you.


Marketing is a brilliant option for those wanting to work from home. With the atmospheric growth of digital marketing, including blog and social media marketing, more companies are basing their marketing strategies online. This means, aside from meetings, most of your work can be done from your home office.


Design shares a lot with marketing. More design work is now internet focused. As a designer, you could find work in web design; but even with no web skills, you could design headers and logos for people. Other design work you can do from home includes wedding stationery, invitations, letter heads and promotional materials.

When choosing to work from home, it is incredibly important to be organized. Where you can, try to keep to set work times and days, as well as having a separate work or office space, so you can leave work behind when you have finished. Some of these options might require further education to help you get started. This is often also available at home through an online degree, such as an online degree in taxation.

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