February 3, 2023
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Hot! Dove Wants You to Love Your Curly Hair


As a woman with naurally curly hair, Dove’s latest campaign speaks to me in a profound way. I’ve loved my curly hair for a long time but when I became a preteen everything and everyone around me told that straight hair is not only better but its also prettier.  Luckily, I no longer have those feelings, in fact I stopped relaxing my hair. As a result, I am learning to deal with my curls. I do vacillate between blowing out my hair and keeping it natural but its a choice I make because it works for me not because I feel my curly hair isn’t good enough.

Dove’s Love Your Curls campaign showcases young girls who don’t love their curly locks. Apparently, a lot of curly hair women don’t love their. According to Dove’s research only 10% of women in the US with curly hair feel proud of their hair. And, 4 in 10 girls with curly hair think their hair is beautiful. However, little girls are seven times more likely to love their curls if people around them do. So, if you have curly hair, learn to love it for the little people around you need you.

Need motivation? Watch this emotional video from DOVE.

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