February 25, 2021

Hot! Caprica Series Presents: “The Glow of a Warm Aquarium” (Jan. 21)


We’re showing Caprica, the feature-length prequel to the new Syfy TV series Caprica (itself a prequel to Battlestar Galactica set on a planet called – you guessed it – Caprica). The TV series premieres Friday and has everybody all atwitter, so if you want to have any idea what’s going on you’d better come see the film.

Along with Caprica, we’re show “The Glow of a Warm Aquarium” by writer/director Shal Ngo, which we’re also tickled to announce as the winner of the Motherboard x Syfy Screening series contest for young filmmakers.

Besides the flicks we’ll have complimentary beer and tequila cocktails before AND after the movies too.

Doors & drinking start at 8, and don’t miss a special futuristic set by DJ Craigslist.

Admission is free but, as always, you must, must, must RSVP.

Syfy & Motherboard present: CAPRICA

(with The Glow of a Warm Aquarium).

PS 122
150 1st Ave
New York, NY

VICE + Motherboard.T

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