February 8, 2023
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Hot! Fashion & Fame in Beverly Hills

Since the 1950s, Beverly Hills has been an icon in the world of fame and fashion. Even before the movie industry discovered its ambient location and many attractive offerings, Beverly Hills was a sought after area. With the influx of movie stars and influential social icons, fame and influence on fashion were inevitable. Whether you’re looking for something unique, your focus is on staying trendy with the latest up-and-coming looks, or you’re a fan of timeless fashion, you can find it all in this elite town.

Besides the chances of spotting a celebrity, Beverly Hills is known for its elite, discerning taste, and limitless budgets. Rodeo Drive, the heart of the famous shopping district, is home to some of the most expensive and exclusive boutiques in the world. Being at the forefront of fashion and outward appearances, it’s no surprise that the local plastic surgeon to Beverly Hills community is made up of professionals whose expertise is sought after by people from all over the world, for those who want help achieving the looks they want.

Glamorous Appeal

Beverly Hills was created and promoted to be one of the most glamorous places to eat, shop, and play. Not only were many television shows and movies set here, but it soon became the home of the Golden Triangle, the most luxurious shopping experience you could ever imagine. With Rodeo Drive at the center of this indulgent shopping area, tourists and celebrities alike come from thousands of miles away just to indulge in all the area has on offer. The three blocks that make up the Golden Triangle are the epicenter of the world’s leading elite brands. It is deeply rooted in art, culture, and sophistication. 

Historic Beauty

As the setting for many movies, the historic Greystone Mansion is adorned by beautiful English gardens. It is the largest private estate in Beverly Hills that is used for many purposes, including holding weddings, city events and filming movies, and they even offer regular tours of the first floor of the mansion.

Also, as the richest per capita area in the country, it goes without saying that you have to have an incredibly high income to be able to afford to live in the area. Even though it’s no longer the most sought after place to live, it still has a reputation for being the finest. The cost of living in Beverly Hills is more than 163% higher than the rest of America’s average cost of living. Beverly Hills is also the only city that can brag it has no billboards or visible utility wires!

Have you ever imagined being met at the local post office with valet parking? That’s exactly what happens in this elite town. Being the most filmed city in the world, it’s bound to celebrate the history of broadcasting. In fact, there is a museum, The Paley Center For Media, that preserves the nation’s television, movie, and radio history. Here, you can immerse yourself in over 100,000 programs that cover 75 years of broadcasting history.

Rodeo Drive

Even if you don’t have the bottomless budget of the stars that frequent Rodeo Drive, it is something that you simply must experience in person. There’s no harm in window shopping. Who knows, you may even spot a celeb getting their retail therapy fix!

Apart from celebrity spotting and drooling over the high-end fashion-packed windows of the shops, there are also tourist spots to check out that aren’t in the immediate shopping district. Being a town drenched in culture and art, check out some of the museums and galleries. They won’t disappoint. 

There is plenty to see and do in Beverly Hills. Take in the surrounding gardens, take pictures with famous landmarks, and soak up the surreal lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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